The Pittsburgh Pirates opened their season at home taking two of three games from the Philadelphia Phillies. Then they started a 9 game west coast journey that had them playing some very strong teams in the Dodgers, Giants, and D-backs (which by the way is a horrible way to shorten the team name, D-backs, wow). From the beginning of this road trip I thought if they could pull out three wins, one verse each team, the Pirates would make it through a very rough part of their schedule fairly well.

Color me extremely happy that they brought home those 3 wins. They didn't beat the Dodgers at all, but at this point in the season the Dodgers have been playing very well so that's okay.  The Buccos pulled one out against the Giants when they won game three 4-1. Then they managed to win the series with the D-backs winning the final two games of the three game series to bring their overall record to 5-7 and leave them in third place in the division (only 4 games back!).

While I know it's VERY early in the season I am sticking to a prediction I made long ago on Pittsburgh Sports N'at, The Pirates will end their losing streak this season. It may only be by a margin of one game but I am telling you it's going to happen.  This team is young and while they may not have the talent or payroll of the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox they have the desire. These guys want to get out from under the curse that they walked into. They no longer want to be associated with losing. They want to be a team that can come into any game and win. Nothing has shown that more than their ability to keep games close so far this season.

As a long time Pirates fan who has seen nothing but losing baseball for my entire adult life I still have faith and optimism. Do we have some glaring needs and are there some changes I would like to see made very soon? Absolutely! But those are topics for another post. For now I am going to leave with with the thought that someone out there still believes a winning baseball season is possible in the city of Pittsburgh.

The Pirates start a three game home series with the division rival St. Louis Cardinals on Friday at 7:05pm.