The Pens and Sidney Crosby agreed to a 12 year contract extension today, and that's just one more great move by the Pens in the last few weeks. Crosby has agreed to a $104.4 million deal..... yea I said MILLION.  The deal averages out to be about $8.7 million a year for Sid.

Does he deserve that much after being injured and missing half of 2 different seasons..... YES. Everyone out there questioning this move needs to really take a step back and tell me if they are looking at the same Sidney Crosby I am.  This guy is amazing.  I know everyone that's not in Pittsburgh thinks he whines to much and blah blah blah... even if he does, who cares? He is one of the best hockey players in the world, if not the single best hockey player in the world.  People who think he isn't any good are people who are bitter that he isn't on their team.

How many other athletes can miss training camp and half the season and yet still come out and play at the level Crosby did.  On top of that he is worth far more than the deal he was given, and it was his choice not to ask for more.  He genuinely wants to stay in Pittsburgh and wants to leave the Pens with enough room under tha cap to possibly bring in the missing pieces to get the Cup back to the Burgh. That's a team player, that's a Captain.

This is a great move for the Pens, Crosby, the NHL, and the City Of Pittsburgh. Crosby will sign the deal July 1st when the Collective Bargaining Agreement first allows him to, since he is already under contract for the 2012-13 season.