Pedro Alvarez is starting to make me look very foolish, and I couldn't be happier about it.  At the beginning of this season I was convinced it was a huge mistake to even start him on the Pirates roster. It was no secret I thought he was better suited to start off in Triple-A Indianapolis and work on whatever demons were in his head.  I'm glad I'm not managing the Pirates right now because we would be missing out on some decent power hitting.

Over the last seven games he has four home-runs, two of those on the same day as part of a double header the Pirates played against the Dodgers.  In that same time period he has collected eight (8!!!) RBI's, three of those were last night.

He's not just collecting RBI's from his home-runs though, and that's what really helps this team.  He is also connecting for base hits that have helped my beloved Buccos FINALLY score more than 5 runs in a game!  

While I am still not jumping on the "I love Pedro" train, I am considering at least walking over to it and taking a look around. He needs to show me that he is ready to play consistent baseball for more than just a week or two. He needs to realize that when he strings together a few hits the rest of the Pirates team seems to follow suit.

Alvarez has the ability to make or break a game, when he starts making more games than he is breaking you might just catch me driving the Pedro band waggon.