In what I feel is a solid move for the Pittsburgh Pirates they acquired left handed pitcher Wandy Rodriguez from the Houston Astros (along with some cash). They gave up outfielder Robbie Grossman, pitcher Colton Cain and pitcher Rudy Owens.

This deal is a great move for the Pirates for many reasons, the first is his obvious ability to immediately contribute to the Pirates post season efforts and the fact that he isn't a "rent-a-player" since his contract takes him through 2013 with a player option for 2014.

The other reason this move is so encouraging to Pirate fans is that it shows the front office might actually be on the same page as the fans, FINALLY! They just made a move that for once didn't give up the future on an unproven group of minor league players. They gave up those unproven minor league players for a veteran player who won't leave them at the end of the season. This trade screams "we are finally serious about not being MLB's farm team".

Rodriguez is having a solid season considering the team the Astros is fielding around him.  He is 7-9 with and ERA of 3.79 and a 1.27 WHIP. At a price of $1.7 million this year, I can live with those numbers. Don't forget if Rodriguez is re-energized by the Pirates and Zoltan like AJ Burnett was, then the second half of his season could go a far better direction than the first half did.

Now I will sit and wait with the rest of the Pirate fans out there and see if they go get us that bat we still need!!