I have no idea whats going on in with Pittsburghs recent drafts, but much like the Steelers getting lucky with Stanfords David DeCastro falling into their grasp another young Stanford athlete took a tumble right to Pittsburgh.  In the first round of tonights Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft the Pirates were probably just as shocked as I was that Mark Appel fell to them with the 8th pick.

Appel was largely regarded to be the first overall pick by many people due to his fastball, slider, and far above average change-up. Why he fell, I have no idea, but I am not going to complain that he fell. While I admit that the Pirates minor league system is sorely lacking talented hitters and position players when you have the opportunity to add another arm like this..... you take it. Imagine the week in a few seasons when our starting pitchers are Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon, and Mark Appel. Only a few days ago I would have added the likes of Stetson Allie but that's a post for tomorrow. Although I am still convinced it is to early to bail on Allie because he could make a GREAT closer.

The Pirates followed this pick by taking Outfielder Barrett Barnes from Texas Tech with the 45th pick.  I will admit I don't know much about Barnes but from what I am reading elsewhere he is an aggressive player with a decent amount of power in his bat. He looks to be a possible corner outfielder (not a first baseman like we so badly need) but if he develops his bat he will almost certainly find a place in Pittsburgh where power hitters seem to be hard to find.

Here's hoping these two guys make their way through the system quickly and have a positive impact on the Pirates future.