Many Pirate fans showed up to PNC Park with their brooms in hand, turns out that was unnecessary because no one would be doing any sweeping tonight as the Pirates lost to the Nationals 4-2. It was disappointing to see them lose but what was most disappointing was to look at the opportunities they did not capitalize on.

A perfect example of a missed opportunity came in the bottom of the 6th inning.  Jose Tabata and Alex Presley recorded the first two outs of the inning, but then Steven Strasburg walked Andrew McCutchen, Pedro Alvarez and Neil Walker to load the bases.  Strasburg had walked three straight batters and yet Garrett Jones stepped into the box and took swings at a few very questionable pitches.  Had Jones stood in the batters box and never took a swing he too would have walked, and brought in a run. The game could have gone in an entirely different direction from there.

It is pretty obvious to me, and I am sure to most of you, that the Pirates bats are holding them back. The pitching staff is keeping them in games by playing far above the level that most people predicted. Let me make sure I am clear when I say that's not a bad thing but without batters that are getting safely on base the Pirates have no hope of helping themselves to a victory.

Will the Pirates make any effort to acquire a bat or two that can help edge them over the 500 mark? It's hard to say but lets hope so. Its time to end the losing ways, 19 years was long enough.


Other Notes

Joel Hanrahan is unavailable until an expected Sunday return, he is on bereavement leave to morn the loss of his grandmother.  Daniel McCutchen has been called up to fill the spot in the bullpen.

On Sunday the Pirates will hold their annual Mothers Day event to help raise Breast Cancer awareness. Many members of the squad will be swinging pink bats and wearing pink shoes.

Hines Ward threw out the first pitch for the final game of the series verse the Washington Nationals after taking some pretty entertaining batting practice off of Clint Hurdle.