In a move that I found to be a bit of a surprise but solid and pretty exciting the Penguins added Tomas Vokoun to their star studded roster. And in typical Shero genius all it cost them was a 7th round draft pick. The 35 year old goalie quickly signed a 2-year $4 million deal with the Pens which pretty much sealed the deal for current back up Brent Johnson (maybe a trade for a defenseman is a good use for Johnson?).

My take on that..... great!  While a lot of people liked Johnson, myself included, he wasn't playing solid enough hockey, or healthy enough, to prevent Fleury from having to play in far to many regular season games. That really showed in the playoffs when Fleury was giving up an insane amount of goals per game.

As some of you already know from reading my posts in the past I am NOT a huge Fleury fan which should tell you how much I LOVE this deal. Realistically I don't see Vokoun stealing Fleurys number one slot, but I do see him motivating The Flower to be better.  Honestly even I know when Marc-Andre is on his game, he is amazing..... but the minute he gives up one chip shot goal he is done.  Maybe with a back-up like Vokoun, Fleury will realize that he can't just give up mentally anymore. On the bright side if Fleury does have a breakdown we will now have another completely capable goalie to step into the net.

Now lets get to work on making sure Staal is around for a long time, and an attempt at filling some gaps on the defense is made and I will be one happy Penguins fan!