The Pittsburgh Steelers completed the 2012 NFL Draft and without seeing a single second of these guys playing professionally I give this draft an A.  The draft couldn't have started better for the Steelers when David Decastro fell to them with the 24th pick in the first round.  That luck seemed to have carried on through the rest of the draft.  These are my thoughts on each round.

Round 2 -- Mike Adams, OT from Ohio State -- This guy can play.  He should be able to step in really quickly  and with the condition our offense was in last year we need him to.  Somehow he convinced the Steelers that he was done getting into trouble off the field, if that's true then we have a long term guy in Adams.

Round 3 -- Sean Spence, LB from Miami -- I like this guy too, I have already heard all about how undersized he is, but I think he might be under rated. I have seen him play a few times and to me it seemed like he played with a very hunrgy instinct.  He has been one of the most productive guys in college football for two years, that tells me something. Maybe i'm crazy but this guy is going to surprise people.

Round 4 -- Alameda Ta'amu, DT from Washington -- The Steelers traded up ten picks for Ta'amu and I am thrilled they did.  He is a player that at the time I felt like they lost because they didn't take him in the third round. He is another guy that can contribute right away.  He has a great opportunity to learn from Casey Hampton and plays similar football.  He will fit right in with the Steelers plans.

Round 5 -- Chris Rainey, RB from Florida -- Rainy could make a great return guy in his first year with the Steelers, he has speed and agility with the football that could create great starting field position for Ben Roethlisberger.  He also has the potential to collect a few carries a game.  His downsides are he is a little bit small for an NFL running back but the Steelers have seen success with some smaller guys in their backfield.  Willie Parker anyone?  If the guys drafted above him pull together that offensive line just about any running back can see success in Pittsburgh over the next few years.

Round 7 -- The Steelers picked up 4 guys in this round and to be frankly honest I don't know much about any of these guys.  My take on them is this.... The Steelers have pulled some serious gems out of these late rounds in the draft (don't get me wrong there are a lot of guys that never pan out either) I am trusting that the brain power behind these pics is solid.  These are the guys they grabbed:

Tony Clemons, WR from Colorado

David Paulson, TE from Oregon

Terrence Frederick, CB from Texas A&M

Kelvin Beachum, OT from SMU

In short I feel like the Steelers nailed it in this draft.  Will we know for sure anytime soon, no.  Once a few of these guys produce for a few years in a row we will be able to say for sure but right now I feel like we are going to see some immediate impact from this draft class.