Mike Wallace.  Up until now when someone said that name in the City of Pittsburgh it brought about a cheer and no doubt a memory of one of the many deep passes he caught from Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Things are a little different these days in Steeler Nation. Now the name Mike Wallace turns the discussion immediately to whether or not he is going to hold out for Training Camp, especially since he has declined to attend OTA's (organized team activities).  Now let me tell you why I think Mike Wallace will show up to Training Camp..... I am not saying it will be drama free, but he will show up.

It's exactly the same reason why he doesn't want to show up, money. Here's the thing, he is going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler this season regardless of how much money they pay him. The key is he needs to have a great season this year in order to draw the kind of Free Agent offers he feels he's worth next year

I'm not saying he can't have a stunning season without going to Training Camp because he is absolutely a stunning big play type of player however, the team has a new Offensive Coordinator in Todd Haley. A new Coordinator translates into a whole new system, new plays, new routes, new blocking schemes...... new everything. For a player like Wallace who has occasionally been considered ill prepared for games, this is not the season to get out on the field and run the wrong route. This is the season he needs to be 100% in sync with Roethlisberger. That kind of chemistry doesn't happen with a whole new system and no effort put into it.

Wallace also stands the chance of falling down the Steelers depth chart by not attending. Let's face it the Steelers have a very exciting core of young receivers, if those guys take the time to learn the system they could very easily step ahead of Wallace. When it comes time to run a big time play and the Steelers throw the ball to Antonio Brown or Emanual Sanders instead of Wallace, it won't help make his case for "big money".

While I believe that the drama has only just begun with this situation, I do feel like we will be seeing Wallace in Training Camp and in a Steelers uniform for several years to come.